B.Ed. students holds Education Awareness Camp at Dariyapur

The School of Education of Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) conducted one-day awareness campaign at Dariyapur village of Gaya district. The one day awareness programme was organised for the fourth semester students of four-year integrated B.A. B.Ed. and B.Sc. B.Ed. under the ‘community awareness and participation’ course (credit). 


The awareness campaign was organised under the supervision of assistant professor and coordinator Mr. Ram Awadh. He was accompanied by assistant professor Mr. Kishore Kumar. During the awareness campaign the students enquired about the educational and basic amenities available in the village. The students also spread the awareness about the importance of education with the help of skit (street play). The teachers and students of Government Primary Schol and Lalan Prasad Skill College were present during the programme. 

The effort of CUSB faculty and students were appreciated by the head of village Swarna Khatun and ward members Ram Chandra Manjhi, Khushbu Devi, School head master Mr. Virendra Kumar and school coordinator Mr. Rajendra Chaudhary. They urged from the University to organise such beneficial programme at frequent intervals. At the end Mr. Kishore Kumar thanked the villagers and representatives for making the event successful. 


The Community Development Cell (CDC) of Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) organized a 'Chaupaal' at adopted village Mehmadpur, Panchanpur, Gaya on March 16, 2018. The purpose of the chaupaal was to discuss various issues of farmers and give them some valuable suggestions. Member of CDC and agriculture scientist Dr. Gautam Kumar headed this event. Villagers shared their problems related to unavailability of high yeild seeds, decreasing productivity and crop insurance. Dr. Gautam informed the villagers about the high yield seeds and said that CDC would help the farmers to procure high yield seeds from agriculture research institutions. on the issue of low productivity of land he suggested to go for green pesticides. He also discussed the method of making green pesticides. 

Convener of the CDC Dr. Sujeet Kumar said that the sole purpose of this committee is to help villagers in their initiatives of development. He stressed that there are various government policies form which villagers are not getting benefitted because of unawareness. He said that CDC will provide them necessary information and help them to get all the benefits. Other members of the CDC Dr. Prabhat Ranjan, Dr Vijay Kumar Singh and Dr. Narsingh Kumar were also present in the 'Chaupaal'. They also shared their valuable suggestions to the farmers.


CUSB organised talk on ‘Ambedkar and Nation Building in India’

The Academic Committee, Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) organised a Panel Discussion on the topic- " Ambedkar and Nation Building in India" on the occasion of 127th Birth Anniversary (14th April, 2018) of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Amdedkar. The speakers discussed and analysed Dr. Ambedkar’s ideas for nation building. Dr. Chandraprabha Pandey started the discussion by highlighting how Ambedkar had realised the need for a social change which would bring equality of different caste caste, sex and religion. 

Dr. Suresh Kurapati portrayed  Dr. Ambedkar as Messaiah of Indian Society. As he said Dr. Ambedkar was a modern architect of Indian Society. He was the person who understood – Nation means people, not geographical area. Dr. Kurapati urged the teaching fraternity that there should be teaching on equality and inclusion. Dr. Jitendra Ram, while speaking on the occasion highlighted how Dr. Ambedkar emphasised the role of education. Education can only liberate from traditional bondage and sub-ordination to the upper castes and classes. Caste is not a physical object, it is the notion inherent in the mind of people. We cannot have social, economic, political, educational reforms unless we kill the hierarchical structure of caste system. Dr. Ram viewed that the role of teachers are important in bringing equality in the society and teacher must work as a catalyst for development of egalitarian society. 

Dr. Priya Ranjan also voiced the need for new social order as envisaged by Dr. Ambedkar. As Dr. Priya Ranjan discussed as per Dr. Ambedkar’s idea - individual is less centred in society, his/her class/caste is main focus in society. An ideal society is only possible if focus of society is on individual rather his/her class/caste. ‘An ideal society be mobile, should be full of channels for conveying a change taking place in one part to other parts. In an ideal society there should be many interests consciously communicated and shared. Ambedkar believed that for the establishing an ideal society we need a vibrant democracy. A vibrant democracy depends on political democracy as well as social democracy. He emphasized that political democracy must stand on the base of social democracy which means a way of life which recognizes equality, liberty and fraternity as the principles of life.

The main invited speakers were Dr. Chandra Prabha Pandey, School of  Education, CUSB; Dr.  Suresh Kurapati, Center for Foreign Languages ( English), CUSB; Dr. Jitendra Ram, Center for Sociological Studies, CUSB and Dr Priya Ranjan,  Center for Sociological Studies, CUSB. Dr. Haresh Narayan Pandey, Co-ordinator of the Academic Committee introduced the discussion. The faculty members and students of the university were participants in the discussion. Dr. Atish Kumar Dash, Academic Committee member extended the vote of thanks. 

The talk was presided by Prof. S. N. Singh, Dean, School of Social Sciences and Policy. Chief Proctor Prof Kaushal Kishore, Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta, Associate Professor and Dr. Samapika Mohapatra, Head, Centre for Development Studies were also present on the occasion. Prof. S. N. Singh also gave his presidential remark and expressed his opinion on Dr. Ambedkar’s role in nation building.  In the course of the discussion various relevant issues were raised by faculty and student participants. 


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