Prof. Om Prakash Rai
Pro Vice-Chancellor
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Phone: 0631-2210025

Professor Om Prakah Rai started his career as Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in 1977 and became Professor in 2005 whereafter took up the Pro-Vice-Chancellorship of CUSB on March 11, 2016. During his long tenure in BHU, Dr. Rai has supervised 16 Ph.D. research works and around 100 dissertations of P.G. students. He has 4 text books and 2 edited books to his credit besides contributing around three dozen papers for different journals and edited books. He was instrumental in starting two new courses (i.e. Master of Risk and Insurance Management and P.G Diploma in Insurance Management) in the Faculty of Commerce, BHU. He has travelled widely throughout the country for discharging academic and administrative responsibilities of vivid nature.
He has a long experience of performing administrative duties in different positions relating to management of more than 30,000 students of BHU out of which around 10,000 reside in the campus itself in around 70 hostels spread over 4,000 acres of land including the newly established Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkachha, Mirzapur. Dr. Rai is a professor of Human Resource Management and has special interest in areas like positive thinking, motivation and morale management, stress management, change management and conflict management etc.

(i) The Vice Chancellor Prof. H.C.S. Rathore,
(Ex-Officio Chairperson)
(ii) A representative of the planning board of the University Er. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyaya
Project Construction Leader-Civil
BPCL, Mumbai
(iii) A representative of the User Department ---
(iv) Two Professors / Associate Professors of the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sanjay Prakash Srivastava
Professor and Dean, School of Law and Governance, CUSB
Prof. Kaushal Kishore
Professor and Dean, School of Education, CUSB
(v) The Finance Officer Shri Girish Ranjan
Finance Officer, CUSB
(vi)Principal of the Engineering College of the University or Head of Civil Engineering Department (Where it exist), otherwise a person of equal status from neighbouring University / College Prof. P.K.S. Dikshit, Professor
Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, U.P.
(vii)Chief Engineer (Civil) of CPWD or State PWD or his representative not below the rank of Superintending Engineer Shri Vivekanand Vibek
Chief Engineer, CPWD, Bodh Gaya,
Project Division, Gaya
(viii) A retired Chief Engineer / Superintending Engineer (Civil) of CPWD / State PWD / Public Sector Undertaking Shri Kishori Prasad (Rtd.) CPWD
C/o Dr. Mrs. S.K. Saroj
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Path
Opposite Chandramani Utav Palace, Bajrangpuri, Patna - 800 007
(ix)Superintending / Executive Engineer (Electrical) of CPWD or State PWD Shri Abhinav Gautam
Executive Engineer (Electrical),
CPWD, Gaya Division, Gaya
(x) Superintending / Executive Engineer (Public Health) of CPWD or State PWD Er. S. K. Singh
Executive Engineer
Gaya Project Division, CPWD, Gaya
(xi) The University Engineer ----
(xii)Senior most Architect of the University (Where it exists), otherwise a Chief Architect or person of equal status from a neighbouring University / College Prof. Fulena Rajak
Professor, Architecture Department
National Institute of Technology
Ashok Rajpath, Patna - 800005
(xiii)Chief Architect / Deputy Chief Architect or a person of equivalent status from a Central or State Department -----
(xiv) Senior most Landscaping Expert of the University (Where it exists), otherwise from some neighbouring institute / Government Department / Public Sector Undertaking or to be hired as a consultant by the University for a limited period Shri Himanshu Nadi
Architecture / Expert Landscaping Architect
Office of Senior Architect (Patna), CPWD, Patna - 800 025
(xv) The Registrar Registrar
Member Secretary, CUSB


Notification: Reconstitution of Building and Works Committee
(F.No.CUSB/Admin./B&W Com./2012/01/1623 dated 11/11/2019)

Notification: Reconstitution of Building and Works Committee (CUSB/4388/2016 dated 28/10/2016)

(i) The Vice Chancellor Prof. H.C.S. Rathore,
(Ex-Officio Chairperson)
(ii) The Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Om Prakash Rai
Pro Vice-Chancellor, CUSB
(iii) One person nominated by the University Grants Commission for such term as it may specify  Prof. Panjab Singh
Chief Advisor, Foundation for Advancement in Agriculture and Rural Development Saraswati Kunj, Narayanpur, Daphi, Near Susuwahi, Varanasi-221005
(iv) Two persons nominated by the Executive Council, including at least one of its own members
  • Prof. C.P.S. Chauhan Former Dean, Faculty of Education, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (U.P.)
  • Prof. S.P. Singh HoD, Department of Electrical Engineering IIT, BHU (U.P.)
(v) One of the external expert members of the Building and Works Committee, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. P.K.S. Dixit HoD, Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, (U.P.)
(vi) The Deans of the Schools
  1. Prof. Rekha Agrawal
    Dean, School of Education
  2. Prof. Shyama Nand Singh
    Dean, School of Social Sciences & Policy
  3. Prof. Sanjay Prakash Srivasatav
    Dean, School of Law & Governance
  4. Prof. Ravindranath Singh Rathore
    Dean, School of Earth, Biological & Environmental Sciences
  5. Prof. Arun Kumar Sinha
    Dean (I/C), School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Sc.
  6. Prof. Tej Bahadur Singh
    Dean (I/C) School of Human Sciences
  7. Prof. Prabhat Kumar Singh
    Dean (I/C) School of Languages & Literature
(vii)The Dean of Research and Development ----
(viii)The Registrar Registrar
Member Secretary
(ix)The Finance Officer Mr. Girish Ranjan
Finance Officer
(x)The University Engineer Mr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay
Executive Engineer


Notification: Reconstitution of Planning and Development Board (CUSB/4623/2016 dated 15/11/2016)


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