Two student of Central University of Bihar (CUSB) have developed an exceptional web application for evaluation of teachers by students. Mr. Dhananjay Kumar and Mr. Yashwant Kumar both M.Tech students of computer science developed the system in a record time of one month.

The web application is intended to automate the feedback of the University students for the courses taught by their respective teachers.

Talking about the technology, Mr. Dhananjay and Mr. Yashwant said various computer programmes have been utilized to enhance the features of the system. “Our course assessment system, is quite user friendly” both added.

The duo were honoured and given certificates of appreciation along with cash prize or Rs.5000/- each by honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Harish Chandra Singh Rathore.

Registrar Dr. Gayathri Vishwanath Patil and Controller of examination Prof. Ravindranath Singh Rathore were also present

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