Five CUSB students placed in Azim Premji Foundation

Adding another feather in the glory of Central University of South Bihar (CUSB) five students get job placement in prestigious Azim Premji Foundation NGO of internationally acclaimed IT firm Wipro. Rajiv Manohar, a student of MA English placed in the organisation along with four students of MSc. Mathematics, namely, Azharuddin, Abhinay Kumar, Avinita Gautam and Pushp Ranjan Singh. The five students shall join as campus associate with Azim Premji Foundation in the month of July-August, 2016. The students have qualified after going through rigorous selection process comprising of written test conducted on 16th March followed by telephonic and personal interviews. A total of 30 students attended the placement activity from three courses, MSc Mathematics, MA English and MSc Life Science. Based on the performance in written test a total of 20 students were selected for telephonic interview which included four from Maths, 11 from Life Science and five from English. The final round of selection was organised in Azim Premji’s Patna office, and finally five students were selected for the job in Wipro’s NGO. The students shall initially get annual package of around Rs. 3.12 lakh along with many other employee welfare benefits such as medical insurance. As per the job offer the students shall undergo training in the guidance of their seniors during one year of probation.


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