Prof. Dhirendra Kumar Pandey
PhD (Palaeontology, Banaras Hindu University)
Professor and Head, Department of Geology
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Since I joined the department at Jaipur my research activities concentrated on Kachchh and Jaisalmer basins. In the beginning, I carried out the conventional studies of describing fossil groups, mainly bivalves and ammonites with some new forms of bivalves and ammonites at first stage. This also included first record of Bajocian-Bathonian ammonites from India and partial revision of Jurassic Lamellibranchs taxonomy. These results have already been published in the refereed Journals. My initial work also included Lithostratigraphic mapping of Gora Dongar in the Kachchh Basin - a large area of about 100 sq km. and taphonomic and biostrationomic study in the Cauvery Basin, leading to environmental information on Late Cretaceous sedimentation.

At the second stage I revised a monograph on corals from Kachchh (India) written in 1900 by Gregory looking into the new biological insight of corals and their application in the reconstruction of depositional environment. I also initiated recognition of ecophenotypic characters and microarchitectures in corals. I have also described and illustrated most of the Jurassic and some Cretaceous corals from Jaisalmer, Jordan, Iran, Tunisia, Tibet, Sicily, Ethiopia and Egypt for the first time.

Visualizing the importance to understand better the variation of the facies and microarchitecture and microstructure in the coral skeleton I carried out studies on Quaternary carbonate sediments and corals of Saurashtra, which in turn help in reconstruction of the sea-level curve and the palaeoclimate.

As a follow up of my visit to Germany, France, UK under Humboldt Foundation Fellowship (Germany) and CNRS Fellowship (France), and participation in the field-work in India (Kachchh, Saurashtra, Jaisalmer, Tiruchchirrappalli, Lakshadweep, etc.) and in Europe (Normandy, Alps, Denmark and Gotland) I concentrated on application of the biotic elements and applied aspects of Palaeontology, like Taphonomy, biostrationomy, Palaeoecology and Trace fossils, for the reconstruction of depositional environment, correlation of fossil assemblage with sediments & sequence stratigraphy.

Lately, I worked on the Oxfordian and Tithonian ammonites and presently, I am involved in taxonomic studies of Kimmeridgian ammonites and Kimmeridgian biostratigraphy of the Kachchh and Jaisalmer basins and of Spiti Himalaya.


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