Webinar on Social Media Marketing Strategies in PR brand building in pandemic times

The experts discussed the use of various Social Media tools for effective Public Relations (PR) at Central University of South Bihar (CUSB). The Dept. of Mass Communication of CUSB organised a webinar on the topic 'Social media marketing strategies in PR brand building in pandemic times' on 24th August, 2021. The webinar was convened by Prof. Atish Prashar, Dean & Head of Media Dept. and DSW of the University.

Dr Sujata Mukhopadhyay, a renowned media educator and Head of Dept. of Journalism and mass communication at Hiralal Mazumdar College at Dakshineshwar, Kolkwata was the resource person for the virtual lecture. A gold medalist, researcher, professor, program officer at NSS and recipient of numerous awards like peace excellence award by United Nations, best teacher award by IMRF, award for outstanding contribution in research by IARA, etc, Dr. Mukhopadhyay began her lecture by discussing multimedia superhighway and convergence of technology in this pandemic period with the students. She explained the role of commercial photography and hashtag campaigns in creating brand appeal using prominent case studies like that of Toyota, Starbucks, Dell,etc. She mentioned websites like Pinterest that play a vital role in helping people decide whether to go for a product or not. She stated that it becomes mandatory for every brand to make sure they are creating a lucrative profile on such websites owing to the fact that users get influenced by how something is looking in the picture.

She emphasised the role of influencers like prominent celebrities and leaders in social media marketing. She explained how these influencers increase the networking within the community and how networks can be built easily using social media. She also stated that expanding the arena of target groups has become easier now as every post is being seen not only by the target audience but also by a large number of social media users. She briefed about how market research has become convenient for firms by enabling them to reach out to the users for feedback and ratings. She mentioned Google algorithms and other artificial intelligence tools that are subtly influencing the preferences of the public by keeping a track of their activities on the web and their devices. 

The participants at the webinar got the insights on how the brands have turned the challenges pandemic possessed to their sales and organization into opportunities by switching from just using traditional media to exploiting social media for establishing themselves among the public and engaging better with them. It also focussed on how the common tools like memes, blogs, reels, etc. can be used to build a brand within minimal time and in a cost effective manner.

The webinar ended with a question answer session where students from different departments of the varsity participated and raised questions to get a deeper understanding of how the tools of social media can be used more efficiently for public relations.

At the end of the session, Prof. Atish Prashar thanked the participants and said that more such informative and interactive guest lectures were being planned by the management to help the students deepen their understanding of the topics relevant to the present scenario. Such sessions to some extent compensate for the lack of exposure the students got due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it was like a rejuvenation for them to understand the field better and know the career path as well.



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