Six-day Workshop on Innovation Pedagogy was organized by Education Department of CUSB during December 03-08, 2019

Day 1:

A six day workshop-cum training programme on Innovation in Pedagogy was organized by School of Education of CUSB during December 03-08, 2019. Various participants from across the country i.e. Meghalaya, Vishakhapatnam, Nalanda, Begusarai etc. participated in the workshop. The program was inaugurated by Prof. Rajesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Purnia University and chaired by Prof. H. C.S. Rathore, Vice-Chancellor, CUSB. Prof. Kaushal Kishore, Dean & Head, School of Education, CUSB, Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Program coordinator & Nodal Officer of PMMMNMTT School of Education, CUSB were present on this occasion.

Prof. Rajesh Singh put forwarded the statistics related to gross enrolment at higher education level and throw light on the need of quality education at all educational level. He further stated that to be ranked in world’s best universities, Indian universities have to provide better environment and exposure to all students. They have to produce leaders rather than laborers. The chairperson Prof. Rathore pointed out the need of questioning on every part of academics. He said that at the present time economic war is going on worldwide and to win the race, the education has to play its role by nurturing the skill of individuals. He appreciated the incentive of present government in this regard as Skill India, Make in India.  In the last vote of thanks was given by Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia.

Day 2:

The second day of the training programme started with the special address of the Programme Coordinator Prof. Rekha Agrawal on Innovation Pedagogy. She explained the 5 Ds of Innovation Skills and demonstrated how these skills work for enabling a learner to be an innovator. After that Prof. Kaushal Kishore delivered his views on the importance of ‘Cooperative Learning’ in teaching learning process. He explained the basic component of cooperative learning and illustrated them with various examples. He also discussed various methods of cooperative learning like as think-pair share, jigsaw learning, reciprocal questions and scripted cooperation etc. with participants.

In the next session of the day, Mr. Dilip Kumar, Principal, CMCL Vidya Bharti School talked about ‘Enhancing Creativity in Classroom’. He demonstrated with the help of number of innovative techniques, how creativity may be enhanced in the classrooms. He generated material for publishing e-magazine on facebook and whatsapp. He also shared innovative practices which being practiced in his school at Lumshong.

During third and afternoon sessions Prof. Rekha Agrawal worked for developing modules of ‘Enhancing Creativity among Learners’ with the innovative teachers who worked in pairs. These module are for different subject and various levels. The name of the developed modules are entitled as ‘Integers with U-turns’, ‘We are equal’, ‘Mirror Image Chart’, ‘;s dgkuh esjh tqckuh ‘] ‘Healthy Tree to Health Children’, ‘Making Two-dimensional’, ‘Plant & Colours’. These modules are developed by the innovative teachers Md. Julfikar Ahmed, Mr. Apparao Reddy, Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Dr. Indrani, Mrs. Nirmal Devi Chittilla, Mr. Manoj Prabhakar, Mr. Anoop Kumar Sinha, Ms. Swati Adak, Mr. Mritunjay Kumar, Mr. Rapelly Nagaraju, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Ms. Kalyani Mishra, Mr. Dilip Kumar and Md. Tanveer Ahmed.

Day 3:

On the third day, the programme  started with a deliberation of Prof. Vinita Sahay, Director IIM Bodh Gaya. She mentioned that every child is creative and the duty of a teacher is to identify the special ability of the children and provide the guidance to nurture the specific talent. She stated that primary education and secondary education serves as the basis for the development of individual’s personality so it is the duty of school teachers to strive hard in order to excel. She said that every individual cannot be a teacher so the individual who are passionate to serve the community they should only join this sector. First teachers should be sensitive towards the various issues and challenges of the society and try to innovate new methodology to address them in classrooms. If the teachers would be able to make their students sensitive and empathetic then gradually all the problems would be resolved.

In second session, Prof. Rekha Agrawal shared her innovative practices with participants and told the ways in which creativity of students can be nurtured. She also emphasized on the use of art to teach the various subjects.

In the third session of the day, all participants set together in the group of 4 and prepared the modules according to the subjects i.e. language, social sciences, science and math. In the last fourth session, participants presented their work before others. 

In the last Prof. Agrawal thanked to all the participants for their enthusiastic participation.

Day 4:

On Fourth day of workshop cum training program, 1st and 2nd Session started with the address of Prof. Siddique Mohd. Mahmood, Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad on topic Critical thinking and Decision making in the life of individual. Prof. Siddique said that now a day’s education became a commodity and people choosing the field and discipline according to face value not to develop their real value. He says that the world of knowledge is very vast so it is the responsibility of teachers to carefully select those significant pieces of knowledge and present carefully in positive manner in front of the students. Prof. Siddiqui said that in the current scenario of India, teacher should manage to teach the students how to think, how to approach the new data creatively and how to apply their knowledge in the future so they may produce some productive member of the society. He emphasizes that a teacher should teaches students to use critical thinking while learning. If a teacher manages to give them the basics, they may use those acquired skills later in life and achieve considerable success in whatever they are doing. He conducted various activities to demonstrate those critical skills in front of participants and to make his lecture more interesting. Participants were actively participated in those activities and enjoyed it.

3rd and 4th session of the workshop cum training program is addressed by program coordinator and Nodal officer, PMMMNMTT, Prof. Rekha Aggarwal. Prof. Aggarwal explained participants about the importance of developing critical thinking in students as its leads to the development of decision making, problem solving, logical and analytical ability. After this participants were divided into pairs (6 group) and assigned to develop learning strategies on three dimension that is deriving creatively, designing purposefully and learning collaboratively and cooperatively. After that, participant were present their developed learning strategies.

In the end of session, Prof. Rekha Aggrawal presented the vote of thanks to the resource person and participants. During the program Dr. Nrapendr Vir Singh, Dr. Swati Gupta, Ms. Nidhi Neanam, Mr. Naulesh Kumar and Mr. Sushank were Present.                                                                                                                              

Day 5:

The Fifth day of workshop cum training program, 1st and 2nd Session started with the address of the Prof. S.P. Shrivastava, CUSB on topic of The Fundamentals of IPR (Intellectual Property Right). Prof. S.P. Srivastava discussed the importance of knowledge of IPR in academics. He also shared how to manage & prevent one’s intellectual property from being theft. What are the mistakes one commits & fail to prevent their intellectual properties. He discussed about plagiarism & its different types at length i.e. Direct plagiarism, Self-plagiarism, Mosaic plagiarism & Accidental plagiarism further he shared what kind of creativity is protected as copy right from original work the performance right. He also shared about strategies to manage & use copy righted works. Further he pointed out about challenges one face for IPR. He suggested that it should be great to from school to make students experts their thoughts & creatively. So gradually they will be trained for creatively & expression of thoughts. He told the importance of group work, team work which has higher probability for enhancing creativity. He told the importance of research planning phase where one should identify potential competitor & collect information regarding existing of art. One should avoid duplication of work & locate potential research & commercial partners. He explain the conception phase when one should maintain confidentiality & don’t disclose in any conference or such platforms one should know the worth or commercial value of one’s work.

In the afternoon sessions were conducted by Prof. Rekha Agrawal on the Innovation Skill- ‘Delivering Efficiently’. Twelve Innovative teachers made their presentations on 1. Reveal the depth of the Elements, 2. Environment, 3. Tourism as a trade, 4. Nutrition in plants, 4. Calculation of time, 5. Square and Square-root, 6. Ravi Das ke pad, 7. Quadrilaterals and Its Properties, 8. Data Management, 9. Mensuration, 10 Mera Khana Mera Gana.

Dr. Suresh Kurapati also presented his innovative teaching practice. During the program Dr. Nrapendr Vir Singh and Mr. Kishor Kumar were Present.      

Day 6:

The workshop-cum-Training Programme on Innovation Pedagogy under PMMMNMTT Scheme, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya came to its culmination on 8th December 2019. The valedictory Function was graced by Prof. Om Prakash Dean and Head, Faculty of Commerce, B.H.U., Varanasi (Also Former Pro Vice- Chancellor, CUSB, Gaya, Dr. Syed Abdul Moin, Formal Director, SCERT, Patna, Prof. Rekha Agrawal, Programme Coordinator and Nodal officer, PMMMNMTT Scheme, Prof. Kaushal Kishore, Dean and Head, School of Education, CUSB, and Prof. S.P. Shrivastava, Formal Dean and Head, Dept. of Law and Governance, CUSB, Gaya were also during the valedictory function. In the first session the awarded teachers Mr. Julfikar Ahmaded Chowdhury, Mr. Apparao Reddy, Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Dr. Indrani, Mrs. Nirmala Devi Chittilla, Mr. Manoj Prabhakar, Mr. Anoop Kumar Sinha, Ms. Swati Adak, Mr. Mirtunjay Kumar, Mr. Rapelly Nagaraju, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha and Ms. Kalyani gave their presentations on their innovative pedagogy which ware very insightful. Dr. Syed Abdul Moin addressed the teachers and congratulated them for their excellent work in the field of teaching and learning.

In the end of the valedictory function, the chief guest Prof. Om Prakash Rai addressed the gathering of innovative teachers, intellectuals and students about the importance of good teachers and their contribution to society. The programme ended with the presentation of Vote of thanks by Mrs. Nirmala Devi Chittilla, Dr. Chandra Prabha Pandey, Dr. Suresh Kurpatiy and Dr. Ritesh Kumar were also present during the whole valedictory session.

The faculty members of the department namely, Dr. Rinki, Dr. Ravindra, Dr. Nidhi, Dr. Swati, Dr. N. V. Singh, Kishore Kumar, Dr. Kavita, Dr. Pragya, Dr. Tarun, Dr. Ritesh, Dr. Manish, Dr. Ram Awadh played a vital role in making the programme successful.      



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